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Acorn Finance is a trusted partner for many concrete contractors that offer financing. Contractors that partner with Acorn Finance can make concrete financing painless and easy. Customers can submit one application and compare multiple personalized loan offers within minutes. In addition, the borrower?s credit score will not be affected by the application. Acorn Finance does not charge contractors any fees so customers can receive the most competitive offers while avoiding any ?middle-man markup?. Concrete contractors with financing options can increase revenue and project size while providing customers affordable payment options.   Most contractors that offer concrete financing offer unsecured and fixed personal loans. These loans can be easy to qualify for with extremely flexible terms. Financing options are available for all types of concrete projects including stamped concrete. Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner you can take advantage of concrete financing offered by contractors. Keep reading to learn more about concrete contractor financing.

What is concrete contractor financing?

Concrete contractor financing provides homeowners and business owners with the funds they need while allowing them to make affordable monthly payments with interest. Most contractors offer unsecured and fixed personal loans. These types of loans are very desirable for most borrowers. Unsecured personal loans do not require collateral. This means there is less risk for the borrower. Fixed interest rates give borrowers another advantage, predictable monthly payments. Fixed interest rates do not change during the loan term. This can make repaying the loan more manageable for borrowers. In most cases, unsecured personal loans are issued as a lump sum. Most lenders do not have spending restrictions. Some borrowers may take advantage of this and borrow a little extra to tackle other projects that have been on their radar.

Pros & Cons of financing concrete for your customers

Offering concrete financing for your customers has more pros than cons. It involves little to no risk for the contractor or company and their customers. If you partner with a company like Acorn Finance you can gain access to resources that can help grow your business and take it to the next level. Finding a lending partner that does not charge dealer fees is a key part of successfully offering concrete financing for customers. Let?s take a look at some of the pros and cons of financing concrete for your customers. . . Pros: Increase revenue and average project size Improve customer satisfaction Differentiate your company Expand customer selection Cons: Potential learning curve Investment of time to set up

Can you finance concrete work?

Yes, just about any type of concrete work can be financed. You should ask your contractor if they offer financing options. If they do not offer financing options you can obtain concrete financing at Acorn Finance.

Do concrete companies finance?

Concrete companies can finance projects for customers using third party lenders. Whether the concrete company of your choice offers financing or not, you can still obtain financing. Acorn Finance partners with lenders that can provide personal loans that are issued as a lump sum typically with no spending restrictions. This means borrowers can use the funds to pay just about any concrete company or contractor.

Can you finance a concrete driveway?

In most cases, yes you can finance a concrete driveway. On average a new driveway can cost between $5,000 to $7,000. If you use an unsecured personal loan for $5,000 at 5.73% with a 5 year term, you can have monthly payments as low as $94.

Types of concrete work that can be financed:

There are many different types of concrete. The good news is that just about any kind of concrete work can be financed. Whether you are repairing existing concrete or laying new concrete, you can use financing. Before you apply for financing you should have a fairly accurate estimate of what your project will cost. Most professionals agree that there are about 24 types of concrete used in the construction and building industry. The type of concrete you choose typically depends on the type of construction. If you are building a foundation, driveway, sidewalk, RV slab, or something similar you?ll most likely use a ready-mix concrete with a strength of 4,000 PSI (pounds per square inch). A concrete with a 4,500 PSI may be more ideal but either can get the job done. Interior and exterior floors, such as garage floors, require a similar PSI. While the minimum recommendation is a 2,500 PSI you should use concrete with 4.500 PSI. Stamped concrete is a popular choice for many homeowners. Stamped concrete can also be called textured or imprinted concrete. It can add a more custom feel to your home or office and can even be made to look like stones, flagstone, brick, or even wood. Stamped concrete can be a little more expensive but well worth the investment. For large scale items such as piers, stadiums, bridges, and so on, you?ll most likely use reinforced concrete. Reinforced concrete is known for its low maintenance costs and high fire and weather resistance qualities. If you are doing a DIY concrete project, you can still use financing. Acorn Finance offers a secure platform open to the general public online.

How can concrete contractors offer financing?

Concrete contractors can partner with Acorn Finance to offer competitive financing for customers. Acorn Finance is a reliable partner that can aid your company in increasing sales and revenues without increasing costs. Concrete contractors pay no dealer fees or any other fees when they partner with Acorn Finance. In addition, Acorn Finance provides concrete contractors with the tools and resources they need to help customers have a smooth and hassle-free financing process. Acorn Finance even offers custom integrations for contractors. Hearing that your customers cannot afford the project you quoted or need to downsize the project is a tough objection to overcome, unless you can offer them financing. Contractors can encourage customers to apply for financing by reassuring them that the application does not affect their credit score. Acorn Finance allows customers to submit one application and receive multiple personalized loan offers that can be used for concrete financing. Contractors can get started by applying online with Acorn Finance. Acorn Finance has a simple sign-up process and same-day setup available.

Why offer customers financing for concrete projects?

The real question is why wouldn?t you offer customers financing. It?s completely free for contractors and is proven to increase sales and revenue. In addition, contractors are likely to be paid faster by offering financing for customers. Concrete contractors that partner with Acorn Finance to offer financing can take advantage of the following perks. . . Offer loans up to $100,000 with rates starting at 3.99% and terms up to 12 years Keep 100% of your profits (We don?t charge dealer fees!) Easy account activation Track results using advanced technology Personalized accounts for each sales rep Access to support and resources that can grow your business Custom integrations available

Why choose Acorn Finance for concrete financing:

Acorn Finance is a top-rated platform that supports contractors that want to offer concrete financing. Acorn Finance has multiple credible lending partners that can help all credit types obtain concrete financing. Your customers can receive multiple personalized loan offers without affecting their credit score. This helps them confidently select the best offer while securing the job for your company. In addition, Acorn Finance can provide customized integration that can improve customer experience. Acorn Finance can also help concrete companies and contractors track results so they can monitor results and make adjustments as necessary. To top it all off, Acorn Finance does not charge any dealer fees and offers an easy enrollment process. Sign-up for concrete contractor financing now!

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